From design to product

Over the years we have greatly expanded our range of manufactured articles. The experience and knowledge we have gained, we now gladly share with our customers. We know exactly how to implement new projects, turning an idea into a finished part.

We work with companies interested in starting production of new plastic articles as well as those seeking to diversify the production of existing plastic products. We offer assistance at every stage of the project - from design, through costing and performance of the required tooling, to the start of production in our injection molding machines. Order from us – you will get the products you want.

Pomysł -> Projekt -> Realizacja

Specialist production - entrusted tooling

If customers have existing tooling, we can offer attractive terms of service for the injection process. Our experienced team supports 13 modern machines with injection forces from 600 to 2000 kN and a maximum injection weight of 600 grams. We can handle a wide range of materials, including: PP, PA (with fiber), PE, POM, SAN, ABS, PS, PC, PBT, PVC and composite material-wood WPC.

We guarantee consistently high quality products, as well as competitive prices and terms.